The top quality European manufactured RayJet laser for less than its cost price

There is no denying the simple fact that quality laser cutting packages are expensive pieces of equipment.  But they are also essential for any design technology department that aims to cover the subject fully.

The temptation, of course, is to purchase a low-level machine, but now it is possible to buy a top of the range European laser for £3500.

To achieve this Trotec has devised a new approach to using a laser cutting machine in schools. With the RayJet laser you pay a below cost deposit and then buy “cutting time”.

The time that you use (known as RayTime) is purchased in blocks of time.  Quite simply, you pay the base deposit price, and then after that you just pay when you use the machine.

What’s more, the “RayTime” is only counted when the laser is actually firing.

There are further benefits too: if the school purchases 800 hours of use for the machine within 5 years, we will unlock the machine for free use forever more.

Additionally if you decide to invest in a larger laser from Trotec Laser Ltd, you can offset some of the cost with your RayJet deposit.

There’s more details of the Ray-as-you-go package here.