Maths: knowing what your pupils can and can’t do

When it comes to knowing about pupils’ strengths and weaknesses in maths, the fact that you may well have upwards of 30 children in a class with different abilities is a complex problem to solve.

I’ve been looking at this problem for some time, and have, I believe, come up with a very simple solution which is – give them a test! It is the ultimate way of knowing exactly what a pupil knows.

The tests in question now appear in a series of books: Assessing Pupil Progress in Mathematics.

The books (six in total, one for each year group) contain photocopiable tests at different levels of ability. You choose the appropriate level, give the test, use the answer sheets for marking, and then use the analysis sheets to assess where the gaps are.

Using the information gathered it is simple to plan work to cover the gaps and reinforce weaker areas. To confirm the outcome, retest at a later date to monitor their progress.

The test papers are written so that each question is linked to an APP statement of attainment. They offer evidence to confirm the teacher’s informal assessments and can be used to indicate which National Curriculum sub-levels pupils are working on.

What’s more, all books contain tracking grids to help you to keep track of each pupil’s progress.

Free sample pages are available on our website.

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