B063: Aqua-Inflatables (January & June 2013)

The B063 pre-release element of the OCR GCSE can be a demanding one. The need to relate the unit theory to a highly specialised context requires hours of careful research by teachers before they are in a position to fully support their students.

Back by popular demand for 2013, the essential Pre-Release Resource Pack from ZigZag Education puts everything into context, at the same time taking all the pressure off the teacher.

Not only does it provide comprehensive theory notes, recap questions and research links for every bullet point on the pre-release material, but it also includes a full practice paper with mark scheme – ideal for a mock exam. Use for both the January and June 2013 examinations!

The 2012 Resource Pack for (Frontline18) received some fantastic feedback from customers.

A delighted HoD Miss Hardman wrote to us on results day:

A huge thank youIn September 2011 I took over as head of department in ICT and took control of a failing GCSE class. I purchased your B063 2012 Resource Pack (Frontline18) and it was an absolute lifesaver… I entered all 50 students in for the B063 exam and the average mark awarded was 48 (equivalent to an A).”

Here are just a couple of the comments we received from experienced teachers and examiners:

  • “This is an excellent resource…definitely something that I would use with my students studying this topic.”– G Millbery, Director of ICT and experienced examiner
  • “Invaluable…closely matches the specification and gives accessible information for each bullet point in the pre-release. The range of content and activities mean that the resource can be used both in the lesson and for independent study” – J McKenzie, Head of ICT

For more information, customer feedback and to view a full inspection copy, go to zigzag.at/UU08.

The OCR GCSE B063 2013 Resource Pack (Aqua-Inflatables) is available as Photocopy masters, PDF files and editable Word files.

You can order (please reference UU08 when placing your order for FREE POSTAGE)

View details and inspection copies of all ICT resources at: http://zigzageducation.co.uk/order.asp?userid=ICT&link=UU08