Worksheets that will ensure learning continues, even when you are ill.

Theoretically, as a teacher you are more likely to be off work for illness than employees of most other professions due to the high number of children that you encounter on a daily basis.

Yet the DfE reports that teachers take an average of just 7.9 days off each year – similar to the average number of days taken by employees from across all sectors, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

It is thought that the presence of a culture of fear in schools often prevents teachers from taking the time off that they need when they are ill, but perhaps greater than this is the pressure that teachers put on themselves to get back to teaching before they’re ready.

With this in mind we’ve produced The Absent Food Technology Teacher Worksheet Series.

So if you are ill, at least you know that your students will always have work to do – which will hopefully relieve the pressure a little bit.

The worksheets within the volume cover a wide range of topics and range of ability – and are all designed so that they can be used as a one-off in an emergency, or as a series of highly varied tasks over a number of days, should the absence be unexpectedly protracted.

Activities range from a discussion on how to prevent the spread of bacteria in the kitchen, to comprehension questions on the methods of food preservation.

Each topic area is followed by a wide range of questions, an extension task through which (for example) the students are required to write a three course menu using only healthy, natural ingredients, and a homework task in which the students have to create an information poster explaining how pasteurisation preserves milk.

The volume covers such topics as diet, vitamins and minerals, safety in the kitchen, food availability, human nutrition, food and religion, food preservation etc. etc.

To order The Absent Food Technology Teacher Worksheets Series, simply fill in the order form and send it by fax, email, or post (see contact details below). If you have a school order number, you can also order by phone.

  • Telephone: 01536 399 011
  • Fax: 01536 399 012
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  • Postal address: First and Best in Education, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 4HH

Alternatively, you can order The Absent Food Technology Teacher Worksheet Series online as a download for £10 by visiting

If you quote HH10% into the message box when you make your purchase on PayPal, you will receive a 10% refund on your order.

Where Next for Inclusion?

From Rhetoric to Rights

Conference at the National Union of Teachers

20th June 2016 9-4

Mander Hall, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H9BD

Despite the law enabling young people and parents to have a choice about mainstream education and the Government’s commitment to the “progressive ending of barriers to inclusion”, little progress has been made. In fact the number of children and young people attending special and alternative provision has increased and there is little evidence that this commitment is being implemented.

The reasons often cited as barriers to inclusion are:

  • that mainstream schools don’t deliver the education children with SEND need
  • that having disabled children and young people in mainstream schools has a negative impact on other children and young people
  • that inclusive education is not possible without more money
  • that there is no evidence that inclusion works

This conference will demonstrate that these barriers are false and with a human rights perspective and the willingness to be flexible and to change, children and young people with SEN and disabilities can be included in mainstream education and thrive. Their presence is essential so that schools reflect the whole of society.

Many schools are inclusive and many more would like to be more inclusive. Please join us for this conference. We will not only share some fantastic experiences, we will also be discussing what needs to happen at a national, local, and school and college level to make progress with inclusion.

With the massive changes to education announced last recently there has never been a better time to really think about what education is for and how all children can be valued and included.

For more details about the conference please see the following links:

To book a place:

To apply for a free place (families, young people and unwaged), email:

Event website:

National Development Team for Inclusion
First Floor 30-32 Westgate Buildings

Tel:  01225 789135

What is the one classroom activity that will enhance your pupils’ confidence in, and enjoyment of maths more than any other?

There are only a limited number of activities around that are designed specifically to increase children’s enjoyment of maths.  And yet the more children do see maths as an enjoyable subject the more confidence they will have in the subject – and the more rapidly their studies will progress.

Which is why we created Magical Maths.

Magical Maths is a school based workshop aimed at either KS1 or KS2 students.  It is taught on a class-by-class basis with up to five classes being taught during the course of the day, with each class session lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

The sessions are based around the notion of magic, and indeed the practitioner who leads the sessions is a member of the Magic Circle.  Children practice and perform the magic tricks that are taught during the workshop – magic which is all based on National Curriculum maths.

As a result the children gain new mathematical insights and revel in their new-found positive relationship with mathematics.

To enquire about a possible booking please call me on 07870 215675 or email with the words MAGIC MATHS in the subject line.

CASIO and LOGIK calculators plus FREE PRODUCTS with your orders!

50 good quality black ink ballpens FREE plus a FREE sample of our “Survival Pack.”

(details on our website:

Here’s the deal…..

When you order 50 or more Casio  FX 83GT+ or FX 85GT+ or LK 183 scientific calculators we’ll give you a pack of 50 good quality black ink ballpens……completely FREE when you order. In addition you’ll get a FREE sample of the “Survival Pack,” (a useful set of pens, pencils etc,  packed in a handy polyester zip up pencil case).  Offer ends 31 May 2016 

Have you heard about the Value Maths set, which can be useful to give (or sell!) to students and which has proved to be popular with many schools and colleges, especially just before exams?

The Value Maths set comprises a metal compass and half pencil, 180 degree protractor, two quality black ink pens, a full length HB pencil, eraser, metal sharpener and a 15cm ruler, all packed in a convenient A5 size clear PVC “exam friendly” wallet with a zip slider.  From just £1.10 ex vat, it’s a handy (and cost effective) way of providing your students with the basics they need for maths lessons and exams.

Ordering is easy.  Just call 020 7515 1797, or fax to: 020 7515 4420 or email Why not visit our website: where you will find details of these and other helpful products.

Signpost Educational Ltd.,  PO Box 999,  London  E14 6SH

PS. If you need more information please call Martin Evans

The notion that the type of chair a student sits on can actually raise that student’s grades seems preposterous. But…

One of the most obvious and simple facts about learning is that we tend to learn more and learn better when we are comfortable.

Lorna Taylor, a leading pediatric physiotherapist, whose report on back health in school children in 2014 noted that 72% of school students reported their classroom chair as uncomfortable and 89% of students reported that their concentration had been affected. This is unacceptable knowing that children spend up to 800 hours a year sitting on their school chair.

Ofsted reported that 11% of disruption in classrooms came from swinging on chairs, another factor to poor learning.  A chair that doesn’t lean back, in partnership with excellent posture is surely worth considering?  A chair that makes students sit up and listen will, of course, have a positive impact on their learning.

The simple classroom chair, it seems, has a lot to answer for. Indeed it was this understanding of how chairs affect both behaviour and readiness to study, which led to the development of the Max2 chair, designed by a school teacher.

The Max2 is a chair that comes with a 10 year guarantee, has a zero environmental impact (being 100% recyclable), with rapid delivery in just 7-10 days from order and which can be discounted by up to 40%.

There is more information HERE, along with images and details of how to buy.  If you would like to talk about any of the issues raised here or indeed any other point related to the Max2 chair, please do call us on 0345 257 8850 or email

Tom Wates

An opportunity for staff: Mentoring Male – mentoring work with boys and young men

How to effectively engage young males with education and provide routes into employment and socially responsible adulthood is a concern of many professions.

Education is also a recognised social determinant of health; boys and young men are consistently outperformed by girls and young women in schools and universities. Health improvement also means action on increasing educational opportunity.

Mentoring offers an evidence-based approach to work with young men – helping young men to achieve their academic and vocational potential, addressing concerns related to problematic behaviours – and providing go-to support and signposting to other services.

The Unit Award  in Mentoring Boys and Young Men is a Level 2 award providing your staff with an understanding of mentoring work. The unit considers:

  • the rationale for work with young males
  • a strengths-based approach to work with young males
  • the role of the mentor
  • qualities desirable in a mentor
  • primary tasks of a mentor
  • dealing with disclosure/safeguarding
  • setting boundaries in mentor-mentee relationships
  • building and sustaining mentor-mentee relationships
  • goal setting and outcomes

The outcome is that your staff will have received training enabling them to mentor boys throughout the school. This not only strengthens the school pastoral system but helps to raise the overall achievement of all boys and young men involved. This training and delivery thereof successfully delivers many of the new Ofsted framework for inspection

The workshop covering the award criteria is 4 hours long. Each staff member undertaking the award will be provided with their own copy of the Mengage course book: Mentoring Male: A guide to mentoring work with boys and young men. A Level 2 certificate will be issued upon completion.

The workshop costs £1295 for up to 10 staff member.  Discounts for more than 10 members of staff.

Mengage is committed to your school’s development; if this is something you would like to discuss or you have other concerns regarding the health or education of young men, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your time.

Liam Kernan & Paul Hopkins
BEd (Hons)       RGN, MSc (Men’s Health)

Mengage Ltd

01905 570180

2016 Summer Sale: Literacy teaching resources for just £5 each

We have made our 2016 Summer Sale even better than last year’s by reducing the price of our literacy titles to just £5 a book (savings of up to 75%).

Spelling Programmes for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

Spelling Practice Activity Book 1   £5

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Spelling Programmes for Key Stage Two

Weekly Spelling Lists   £5

Spelling Practice Activity Book 1   £5

Spelling Practice Activity Book 2   £5

Spelling Practice Activity Book 3   £5

Spelling Practice Activity Book Yr 3   £5

Spelling Practice Activity Book Yr 4   £5

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Spelling Practice Activity Book Yr 6   £5

Punctuation and Grammar

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 1   £5

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 2   £5

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 3   £5

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 4   £5

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 5   £5

Punctuation and Grammar Activity Book Yr 6   £5


Comprehension Yr 1   £5

Comprehension Yr 2   £5

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Comprehension Yr 6   £5

You can see and order all of our book titles (at just £5 each) on our website at:

Or, if you’d prefer, you can place an order by phone on 01772 863158, by fax on 01772 866153, by email to, or by post to Topical Resources,
P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT.

If you’d like to share this offer (which we would appreciate very much), please do forward this email and/or share our Facebook post about Topical Resources’ 2016 Summer Sale which you will find pinned to the top of our Facebook page – Topical Resources.
<a href=””

Do you sometimes wish you had that little bit extra towards that all important project?

ABC Fundraising is a charitable fundraising company specialising in helping charities and schools secure grants towards their work.

Over the past few years we have helped dozens of schools and educational charities raise well over £500,000 towards their projects, via successful grant applications to various local authorities, lotteries, trusts and foundations.

We are currently offering our assistance to schools around the country – projects we can help you achieve funding towards include:

– School playground development, or new play equipment
– New surfacing or playground markings
– Outdoor classrooms, shelters, or furniture
– Gardens, planting, or forest areas
– Before or after school clubs
– Holiday clubs, extra-curricular, and community activities
– Any other projects potentially beneficial to the development of your pupils or community

Working with us will cost the school no money up front – we will only charge a fee if your bid is successful, and you receive a grant towards the project. Everything we do is completely transparent, and you have complete control over your project direction and content of applications. However, we can of course provide experienced advice upon how to give your grant application the best chance of success.

Please get in touch if you are interested in our services – we will be happy to discuss your project and how we can help.

Contact details

Call Andy Bond at ABC Fundraising on 07598722722 or 0131 308 0687

Or email us at:

Want more information? Visit our website at

It doesn’t matter where you are based. Although ABC Fundraising is based in Edinburgh, we are experienced at working with schools and charities around the UK.

An innovative way to offer financial education to students as part of the Citizenship programmes of Study

All schools are now required to include financial education as part of the Citizenship programmes of study. Across the Secondary programme topics should include:

  • The functions and uses of money
  • The importance and practice of budgeting
  • Managing risk
  • Income and expenditure
  • Credit and debt
  • Insurance, savings and pensions.
Money£ense is a new and exciting board game that covers all these topics in a lively, challenging and thought-provoking way.

Players must make financial decisions that will enable them to build up funds and assets by earning a salary and through investments in skills, opportunities, savings and pension, whilst having to cover their living costs.

That’s Life Cards outline some life events that throw budgets off-course, so presenting a realistic picture of the challenge of maintaining healthy personal finances.

The game may be played competitively or co-operatively giving plenty of opportunity for discussion and extension work.

Students will learn about Income Tax, percentage increases and decreases, the value of investing time, money and effort into courses, as well as saving and pensions and the impact of unforeseen life events.

Suggestions are given for different ways of playing which make it a flexible resource and, although designed primarily for 14-18 year olds, it may be played by younger students with support.

To order the Money£esnse Board Game for £45.00 + VAT, please visit our website – make sure to quote the reference code 640HH on your order or in the discount code in the checkout to receive your 5% discount.


What is the most effective way of helping students to higher grades at GCSE German?

In learning any language students we all go through two phases.

The first involves becoming familiar with the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language that allows the individual to engage in simple written and verbal communication – enough to ask the way to the shops and understand the answer.

That type of communication is expanded and developed through bringing in new situations and speeding up the exchanges while still keeping the subject matter very much in the every day.

That is part one. The second part then makes a conceptual leap from that position – a leap which takes the students up to a completely different level.

By this second stage the awareness of many everyday phrases is embedded in the brain and can be heard, understood and answered without translation. The language is understood as language.

And here students make the leap from a pass at GCSE to a higher grade and prepare themselves for A level, should they wish to take it.

Deutscher Wiederholungskurs will help this type of candidate make these steps forward.  It provides material for revision for the GCSE speaking and writing tests and helps to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level.

The course is divided into 8 topics drawn from the GCSE syllabus, each containing the same tasks:

  • Oral questions to revise the topic briefly;
  • Suggestions for visual stimuli for further oral revision;
  • A passage of German entitled “Fritz erzählt” which contains gaps to fill in and practice for case endings, pronouns and verb endings;
  • Comprehension exercises on the passage to be answered in full German sentences;
  • A passage of English for translation into German; and a series of questions in German, the answers to which should form the basis for a short essay.  Finally there are a series of related role-play situations.

The book is fully photocopiable for ease of use in the classroom and will prove an invaluable source of revision and consolidation for your GCSE students.

Sample pages from the book, order code T1616emn,  can be found on


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Prices include VAT.

 You can purchase the report…

  • By post from First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, NN17 4HH
  • By fax to 01536 399 012
  • On-line with a credit card at
  • By phone with a school order number or a credit card to 01536 399 011

When ordering the book please quote the reference T1

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