Get ready for Reading Comprehension in the 2014 National Curriculum

The most effective way to prepare for the changes to the Programmes of Study for reading comprehension

Following the changes to the Programmes of Study for reading comprehension, we have revised our Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series so that they now all fully comply with the new curriculum.

These resources have already proved successful in enabling children to decode and understand what they are reading through a variety of texts that grab their attention, and indeed your attention as well.

Now there are also detailed suggestions for integrating writing, speaking and other literacy tasks with the passages as well as highlighted links to the new curriculum.

We believe that comprehension activities for children should be exciting, dynamic and enjoyable. The specially written comprehension passages range from newspaper articles and dialogues, to plays, stories and poems.

Each resource provides differentiation and progression, and this continues through the series, encouraging children to develop their ability to read for meaning. A number of strategies are also used to help children to engage with the text.

Tasks range from simple factual recall and vocabulary work to more open-ended questions enabling the reader to provide a more personal response.

The contents pages, introduction and a number of sample pages are available to download on our website at the above web links.

What’s more, should you choose to purchase all 6 resources at once, you can save over £24 with our bundle offer.

You can orderthe Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension resources in any of these ways:

Brilliant Publications,
Mendlesham Industrial Estate,
Norwich Road,
IP14 5ND.



phone: 01449 766629
fax: 01449 767122

Record your school CD for free and claim your free percussion set worth £240

“The percussion instruments arrived yesterday and they are lovely. Thank you. Also, thank you for the CDs – we think they are amazing. All the parents have been surprised at the good quality sound production on them. Thank you again. We have really enjoyed the whole experience. Please pass on our thanks to Mark who was great. I was amazed at how calm and professional he was – he was really easy to work with.” Kate McGrath, St Bonaventures Primary School

Like Kate at St Bonaventures Primary School, over 100 schools have already taken advantage of our free percussion set and free CD recording offer. Just to confirm, this means that not only will we come to your school and record your CD for free, but we will also provide you with a free percussion set worth £240.

Due to the success of this offer, we have extended it until October 2014, so your school can still receive your very own, hand-crafted, fair-trade percussion set for free. So, you are also supporting the craftsmen who have made your percussion set to provide for their families and communities.

Our professional recording engineers come to your school with studio recording equipment, and spend a day recording your CD with you, for free. All you need to do is decide what you’d like to record – a performance or event, instrumental groups, the whole school singing, each class singing their favourite song or even your drumming.

The CD is a treasured memento to be proud of, a great showcase for the school’s talents, and the recording is an amazing day for the children. You can even raise funds for your school from the sales of your CD.

To get the free CD recording for your school and your choice of the free percussion sets, all you need to do is send me an email to the address below, or give me a call with your school details, when approximately you might like to record your CD, and of course whether you would prefer the 30 player or 14 player percussion set.

 To qualify for the free percussion set, you need to register your interest before Wednesday 30th April 2014 and complete your recording before the end of October 2014.

Kind regards,

Ann-Marie Lawrence
My School CD
Tel: 01925 321 800

Ready-made lessons for ‘types of business organisation’

Business Studies Multimedia Workpacks Issues 1-5

Business Studies Multimedia Workpacks, from Holdsworth Associates, are effective, easy-to-use resources for teachers of GCSE and A level. They use films and case-studies to explain the meaning and advantages/ disadvantages of each type of business organisation, together with worksheets and PowerPoint templates to consolidate and test understanding. These flexible and lively resources are easy to adapt to suit your teaching style.

Each Workpack has been developed to provide a self-contained unit of work. They contain short explanations of the key points, questions to test understanding, notes for guidance and suggestions for extension work.

The materials can be used in the classroom but are also appropriate for homework, cover lessons, revision, and to help students who have missed lessons. Worksheets can be given to students electronically (and completed on-screen), printed or photocopied as needed.


Issue 1: Sole Traders – Garden Designer and Kitchen Fitter

Issue 2: Partnerships – Antonio Couture – wedding dresses

Issue 3: Private Limited Company – Paperfeel – manufacturers of plastic products

Issue 4: A Public Limited Company – Anglian Water plc.

Issue 5: Franchises – River Nene Vegetables

Great value at £35.50 each (plus VAT). P&P is included in the price. If you wish to put the resources on a school-wide network, you will need a site licence for each product priced at £30.50 (plus VAT).

Visit, telephone 01954 202789 or email for further information and to order.


Holdsworth Associates
Century House
Market Street
CB24 4QG

“Staff training is consistently the weakest area of a schools online safety provision”- Ofsted

Ofsted state in their ‘Inspecting E-safety in Schools’ briefing document that staff training is consistently the weakest area of a schools online safety provision. It goes on to recommend that all staff should receive up-to-date training to reflect current research and advances in technology.

The E-safety Support ‘Online Training Modules‘, make responding to this issue simple. There are 2 staff courses currently available (with a parent module coming soon) covering categories of risk, why e-safety is important, definitions of good e-safety practice in school and social media. We make sure the content is up to date and at the end of the training, each teacher is able to print out their own certificate of completion.

The accompanying distribution tool allows you to deliver the training to as many members of staff as you wish and monitor progress.

Join now and also benefit from::

  • Policies and guidance – e-safety policies, audit tools and guidance documents
  • Parent support – resources to help engage parents
  • Lesson and assembly plans – ready-to-use materials for the classroom

Whole school membership with unlimited usage and unlimited access to all the resources including the brand new online training costs just £299 for primary and £499 for secondary schools.

“I would recommend this site to anyone who needs to get their e-safety training up to scratch!”

IT Support Manager

“… it has saved me an immense amount of time, and has enabled me to use training materials and policies and to adapt them for our context rather than having to start from scratch.”

Head Teacher

Take the E-safety Support Tour

28 Session Plans Covering All Areas Of Drug Education


This resource is a collection of session plans for drug education and gives young people the opportunity to learn through questions and discussion. Each session plan has a learning objective and key question.

The session plans are broken down into the different age groups and the subject matter includes:

Age 11-12 – Sessions:

1) Drugs – To be able to make safe and well considered decisions

2) Who takes illegal drugs? – To understand that people from a broad spectrum of society take illegal drugs

3) Assessing personal qualities and making friends – To know how to choose a friend

4) People who take illegal drugs – To understand that how a person may look will not always be a good indicator of

5) Would you like some drugs? – To be able to deal with being offered an illegal drug

6) All about risk – To understand which issues someone should consider in assessing a risky situation

7) Making personal choices in my life – To be able to make appropriate personal choices

8) How can school help me now and in the future? – To understand how school can be used to achieve their
hopes and dreams

Age 12-13 – Sessions:

1) My views on illegal drugs – To be able to develop a balanced opinion which reflects their own opinion of issues
surrounding drugs

2) Accepting responsibility – To understand the need of taking responsibility as they get older

3) Abusing solvents – To know that many household substances when misused can be dangerous and potentially life

4) Prescribes and non-prescribed drugs – To know that some prescribed and non-prescribed drugs are misused

5) About tobacco – To understand that there are significant health risks associated with smoking

6) About alcohol – To understand that alcohol can damage health and lead to addiction

Age 13-14 – Sessions:

1) If I use drugs – To understand that there are personal risks and consequences to taking illegal drugs

2) How would you deal with a drug related emergency – To know when a situation involving drug abuse has
become dangerous

3) Using a visitor for drug education – Maybe bring in a police officer to explain that drugs are illegal and understand
the law in relation to illegal drugs

4) Taking risks with friends – To understand how to assess the risk taken by a group and to make a personal choice

5) I thought I was going out to a party – To be able to help someone in relation to illegal drugs, when they can’t help

6) Thinking of the future – To be able to take responsibility in planning for the future

Age 14-15 – Sessions:

1) All about the drug pusher – To know that anyone in society can be a drug pusher

2) Drugs in the world of sport – To know that some athletes use body enhancing drugs to improve athletic
performance and understand the risks involved

3) People who take drugs at work and the consequences – To understand the dangers and personal risks of
taking drugs at work

4) How do you feel – To be able to cope with feelings of unhappiness in a positive way

5) Under pressure – To understand that we can cope with pressure by internal processes

Age 15-16 – Sessions:

1) The effects of drugs on the body – To understand that all illegal drugs are harmful and potentially dangerous

2) Risk – To be able to assess the effect of taking a risk, on themselves and others

3) Helping others – To understand that, at times, we all need to give and offer help

4) What about the future? – To assess what will need to be done to succeed in their future.

Drug Education was written by Ashley Ross and Sue Neame. Ashley is Head of Research and Development. He was a County Educational Adviser and Inspector and has considerable experience in the field of school improvement. An author of over20 titles in the field of PSHE and Citizenship, Ashley has written and developed nationally acclaimed educational programmes for the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Youth and Community and Health Education. He has also written educational papers for the Home Office. An expert in the field of multi-agency work he is keen, through his work, to ‘make a difference’. Sue is Head of Quality Assurance and delivers National and Regional Conferences in PSHE, Citizenship and personal development. Other activities include school inspections, supporting schools experiencing difficulties, tutoring and assessing graduate and overseas trained teachers. An accomplished author of over20 titles, Sue is well known nationally for her work in the fields of PSHE, Citizenship and Emotional Intelligence.

DRUG EDUCATION CD ROM Age:11-16 Ref: 2-107-31 £39.95 + VAT

There is also a Drug Education CD Rom available for ages 5-11 and should you want Drug Education for ages 5 to 16 year olds you can buy both CD Roms age 5-11 and age 11-16 as a value set.

DRUG EDUCATION CD ROM Age:5-11 Ref: 2-130-31 £39.95 + VAT

DRUG EDUCATION CD ROM VALUE SET OF 2 – Age:5-16 Ref: 2-261-31 £75.95 + VAT

Education, health, social services & other public sectors using a purchase order number can ORDER ON ACCOUNT HERE

By phone: (01604) 870 828
By fax: (01604) 870 986
By email:

By the website:
By post: Loggerhead Publishing,
P O Box 928, Northampton, NN7 9AP

If you have written a book for use in schools or are thinking of writing such a book, we’d like to hear from you.

First and Best in Education is looking for authors to write new English resources that can be used in secondary schools and FE colleges. Please do note that we are not currently accepting materials aimed at nursery or primary schools (except as in the note on “Management and Administration” below.)

We publish the materials in three forms: as downloads, as books which can be supplied as photocopiable masters and as materials on CD Rom. If the book contains illustrations these are also supplied by the author.

In the case of printed books our authors receive a 10% royalty on the sales and will have copies of the book lodged in the British Library and other national repositories of books.

In the case of downloads a different process is followed, and because there is no printed copy available the author receives 50% royalty.

Management and Administration

In addition to books which are aimed to support taught subject areas, we also publish a range of materials relating to school administration and management. These books cover topics ranging from making schools more efficient to running the school office, from behaviour and discipline to fund raising.

What to do

If you have a book or a download ready to be published, or indeed have an idea for a book or a download that you could write in the coming months, please do email our senior editor (address below) with the following information.

  1. Proposed book title and approximate length
  2. A guide to the contents
  3. Details of who the book is for and any specific features that make the book different from other books covering the same subject area.
  4. The level at which the book is set. For example you might say, “GCSE, aimed at weaker students to ensure they get a C rather than a D”. Or “An introduction to historical research, suitable for A level students and as an introduction for undergraduates just starting their course.”
  5. Any specific course or exam board that this book relates to.
  6. Five to ten pages of text to give us a feel for your style and approach
  7. A note about yourself in terms of qualifications and experience in education

About the publisher

First and Best was formed in 1993 and has published over 1000 books over the last 20 years. You can see a full catalogue of our current books on Our books are sold via direct advertising to teachers and are not normally distributed via bookshops.

If your book is accepted for publication you will be offered a contract to sign and a date will be agreed for the supplying of the final text.

If you have an idea for a book or a book already written, please email



Is Windows Server too much for your budget?

Do you need a scalable and secure private file sharing cloud located within the UK or installed on-premise?
No ongoing license or user charges ever.

We can host a private cloud within one of our UK ISO 27001 accredited data centre facilities or install a private cloud on your hardware on your own premises.


  • 100% secure
  • Unlimited users and teams. Unlimited storage with on-premise version
  • Windows, MAC and Linux desktop clients included
  • iPad and Android APPs included
  • Fixed price from £75 per month for 3TB storage and unlimited users

Why trust us?

  • Our parent group was established in 1999
  • All data is stored within the UK
  • ISO 27001 accredited data centre facilities

More details –

You can also sign up for an non expiring 2GB account here –

If you require any more information or would like a remote demo, please reply to this email or contact me on the number below.
Daniel Lehane
New Business Manager

T: 01978 713 445

Teaching Safe and Responsible Social Networking Behaviour

Computing (KS3)

Pupils should be taught to:

  • understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy; recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct and know how to report concerns.

Think B4 U Post

Teaching Safe & Responsible Social Networking Behaviour

Think B4 U Post is an educational video resource designed to teach teenagers responsible social networking behaviour. It uses a light touch, with humour and real-life examples to engage teenagers and deliver some very serious information on how to protect their reputation and guard their privacy online while still having a good time using social networking sites. Preview Clip

Available on chaptered DVD the video is split into 9 topics:

Topic 1: Your Reputation
Topic 2: Public Exposure
Topic 3: Your Career
Topic 4: Cyberbullying
Topic 5: Your Not-So-Personal Information
Topic 6: Unwanted Visitors
Topic 7: Data Mining
Topic 8: Online Predators
Topic 9: The Important Stuff (Key tips and summary)

As well as the chaptered video clips it also includes a teacher support guide that sets out the learning outcomes, explains the technical vocabulary used and has a plenary quiz. It also gives some suggestions of questions to ask before and after the whole DVD is watched with copies of the printable worksheets available online. It can be used for class presentation with follow-up discussion and activities as well as being a useful library resource for individual reference.

The overall message doesn’t try to limit the fun and practicality of online interaction and social networking sites; conversely, it provides insight to enhance online experiences and keep users texting, posting, and emailing safely for years to come.


“What is great is to have all these topics on one DVD – no hunting round various sites looking for good material.”, “…it certainly conveys relevant and important information about keeping yourself, and your friends, safe on line.” –

“Provides good cautionary tips for interaction on a social network website… The practical information would be a good platform for discussion. Recommended.” — Library Media Connection

Available on approval from Viewtech Educational Media @ £36 excl. p&p (£3.50 standard UK delivery) and VAT. Click here to order online and apply promotional discount code: HHM403 at the checkout for discount!

For a printable information sheet and discounted order form click here

Orders / enquiries may also be made by phone, fax, email or post to:

Viewtech Educational Media
7-8 Falcons Gate
Dean Road
BS37 5NH
tel: 01454 313272 / 858055
fax: 01454 858056
Over 3,000 educational DVD resources to assist teaching & learning – click here to search our library
Viewtech Educational Media is the trading name of Viewtech Audio Visual Media Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under number 4205240. A member of the British Educational Suppliers Association. E.&O.E. 

How often will your students change jobs?

What is the most effective way of preparing your students for the world of work?

The average person stays in each permanent job he/she gets for four years. If we include the temporary and part time jobs that a person might take during a time of recession (of the type we have been experiencing), then the average person will stay in each job for an average of two years.

This is a staggering turn around in the job market when compared with the past, and is due to three factors:

  1. The ease with which employers can remove employees in the first year of employment.
  2. The years of recession which has caused many employers to take on staff on short-term and zero hours contracts.
  3. A growth in the, “I don’t have to put up with this”. attitude from some young people who expect work to be, well, more like a social event than work, and who sometimes also lack the ability to handle the basic courtesies that employers who have been in the job for 30 years will demand and expect.

Whether our society will now return to the previous norm of four years per job is hard to say. But even if we do, there is still the fact that the average employee will change jobs 12 or more times during a career.

So, getting used to the experience of moving into a new work environment is no bad thing – and the sooner young people have that experience the better.

The trouble is that good work experiences for students need organising from the start to the finish, and many is the employer who complains that the work experience students they had were simply not prepared for work.

This is where “The Work Experience Manual” comes in, smoothing out the bumps that can occur as the school, the student and the workplace begin to interact.

The volume, which is supplied in copiable format, includes information on finding placements, liaising with the company in a way that the company finds suitable, student notes which allow those going on placements to be properly prepared, a record book showing the placement’s activities, and a wide range of actions and activities that should be considered after the work experience is over.

Overall the aim is to make the activity beneficial and enjoyable for the student and a positive experience for the school and employer. When this happens, everyone benefits.

The copyright licence allows the copying from either the book or the CD, so that all students can have pages relevant to their study at any time. It is also possible to place the CD on the school’s learning platform, so that students may access it at any time.

Order code T1822emn ISBN: 978 1 86083 866 8


  • £24.95 for the book or CD, plus £3.95 postage.
  • £31.94 for the book plus CD, plus £3.95 postage.

You can order in four different ways. In each case please quote our reference T1822emn. Sample pages and a contents list can be viewed prior to ordering on



Fieldstudies in North Yorkshire

What makes one field studies centre better than all the
other field studies centres?

One of the most common observations made by teachers is how difficult it is to obtain time off school for academic fieldwork and how they have to constantly compete with other subjects for timetable space.

Another constraint is the cost of the field trip to both the school and the student. The actual cost of a trip is sometimes difficult to quantify as field centres often have a huge range of prices and added extras, all supposedly in the name of choice.

To add insult to injury the teacher can actually be charged extra if they require a tailored course to meet their specific requirements. How many hoops must the enthusiastic Geography or Biology teacher jump through to get their students out on first class, memorable and awe inspiring fieldwork?

Thus the question arises, what can a well organised field studies centre do to help teachers with these problems? The Cranedale Centre has met this challenge head on and has developed a very flexible approach to its bookings, field study programmes and costs.

No ‘standard’ formulaic courses at Cranedale. The Centre only offers fully tailored fieldstudy courses to ensure that the students obtain the maximum benefit from their course.

Schools may arrive and depart on any days of the week/weekend in order to fit with difficult timetable constraints at school, and the course will be priced solely on the length of time the school spends at the Centre. There is no obligation to fit with a ‘standard’ length of course.

Our costs are fully inclusive of tuition, accommodation, food and all transport to and from the ‘field’. There are no extra charges for waterproof hire or transport to and from the local railway station.

Cranedale Centre prides itself on providing the complete package for teachers. No confusion, no uncertainty and no concerns over the quality of the fieldcourse that their students will receive.

To quote one customer from Oakham School… ‘Cranedale Centre has an exceptional balance of excellent tutoring, inspirational fieldwork locations, comfortable accommodation and scrumptious food. It is the very best Centre in the UK for engaging teenagers with their physical landscape’.

If you would like to learn more about the Cranedale Centre and the courses we offer please contact us on Tel: 01944 738687, Fax: 01944 738298, Email: or use the contact form on our website:



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