Request an independent university talk for your students from, the award winning university events resource.

Staff from UniTasterDays can come in and talk to your students about key university topics including:

– An introduction to university (for Year 8, 9, 10 or 11)

– University applications and personal statements for Years 12 and 13

– Key facts about student finance

All talks will be delivered by staff with over ten years’ experience of working in higher education, and a wealth of experience delivering school and college talks.

The talks are independent and bespoke based on your requirements and start at just £350 + VAT for a standard one hour session.

Find out more about all the events HERE

Or for more information, please contact Jon Cheek at UniTasterDays by email:

“A successful and very informative presentation to our Year 11 students, with lots of useful advice for them to act on now and going forward.”
Julia Martin – Highworth Warneford School

“An informative and provoking workshop which motivated the students to really think about the possibility of going to university in the future. “
Colin Morris MAT coordinator Ebbw Fawr Learning Community

“An engaging session which kept the students interested and increased awareness of a number of issues. Well organised and thoroughly professional”
Paula Leclerc. St Andrew’s CE High School for Boys, Worthing.

Discount Sibelius 8 now available

Dear Heads of Music

There has never been a better time to upgrade or add seats to your Sibelius License!

Sibelius 8-upgrade from any version £19.00

Add new Sibelius seats £69.00

And how about buying the best and easiest to use sequencer for your Year 1 and 2 classes. (Also suitable to GCSE and A level students)

Acoustica Mixcraft – it really is a fantastic program for pupils learning to use MIDI and Audio to create new music from £20.00 per copy

Typical School License 5-24 copies £26.00 per copy.

Get in touch or send orders to

1 month terms-simply send a Purchase Order.

SOFTPLANET, Greenbank House St Andrews, KY16 8LP

Or call us on 01334 461244

Films for Secondary School or College students

Selected from the Concord umbrella of films here are three thought provoking and challenging titles aimed at stimulating discussion with students.

Counting the Cost
DVD  23 Minutes

A programme to help young people appreciate the importance of managing their money.

There are five interviews designed to stimulate discussion. In the first Peter, aged 11, talks about savings accounts, pocket money, and what he buys. Then Melanie, aged 15, who has a part-time job, and likes to go out with her friends, says what she likes to spend on. Steven, 18, at university, talks about debts and overdrafts, Jenny, at work and living with her parents, runs a car, and is addicted to shopping, and finally Brian, 34, is facing bankruptcy, having overspent on a holiday and taken out loans.

£43.80 plus postage

Did I Say Hairdressing? I Meant Astrophysics
DVD  14 Minutes

Animated film encouraging women to take up careers in science, technology and engineering.

Another witty cartoon from Leeds Animation Workshop. Subverting themes from traditional stories, this entertaining and thought-provoking production helps to show why women are under-represented in science, engineering and technology. It illustrates the subtle and not so subtle gender type-casting which still often prevail, from babyhood right up to professional level; but by taking a positive, practical approach, it encourages women and girls to consider study and vocational training in these fields. A good discussion starter for anyone concerned with equal opportunities and related issues

£27.20 plus postage

Tell it like it is
DVD  12 Minutes

Animated film about people at school and the results of gender stereotyping and bullying.

A short animated film by Leeds Animation Workshop which illustrates problems faced by young people at school as a result of gender stereotyping and bullying. Classmates Darren and Sharon are each keeping a video diary. The results show them the different worlds girls and boys live in, and the different anxieties they experience. Although light in tone, the film raises awareness of male violence – verbal, psychological and physical – in school and in society. It aims to help young people understand and when necessary withstand social pressure, and stresses their ability to support each other, to help those who are being bullied and to challenge oppressive and abusive behaviour. Especially suitable for 11 – 15 year olds. Booklet also supplied

This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £1.00. For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.

£27.20 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website or you can order by e-mailing us at Please put ref HH1 in your order.

Would you consider our literacy resource free for your school library?

Dear Librarian

I am emailing you regarding our unique online literacy resource, Ziptales, which more than 20% of schools across Australia and New Zealand have been enjoying for over a decade.

Ziptales has now launched here in UK, aligning our content directly to the National Curriculum AND Curriculum for Excellence, which is why I am emailing you today.

The resource is PERFECT for primary schools to use within your library as well as for your teaching staff to use in their classes.

Ziptales is a resource proven to help pupils aged 4 – 12 years improve literacy and instil a love of reading for pleasure, even with reluctant readers. Better still, Ziptales is available at a fraction of the cost of other literacy programs!

I would love for your school, if you are interested, to take part a free trial. Would I be able to send you through some further information to consider?

Kind regards,

Steve Auchettl

PS. If you would like to get started instantly, you can find out more and register for free at

​Ziptales UK LTD

VAT # 213 7776 02
Wimbledon Reference Library, 35 Wimbledon Hill Road, London SW19 7NB | +44 2 030 953 262



Why (and how) tuck shops are returning to schools across the UK

As School Food Standards have evolved, a much loved school tradition has fizzled out – the school tuck shop. However, with our Tasty Tuck Shop Starter Pack, which complies with the new school food standards, this tradition is rapidly returning to schools across the UK.

Our Tasty Tuck shops provide an extensive range of tasty foods that will keep your pupils going throughout the day.

The Tasty Tuck Shop Starter Pack consists of one case of each of our Healthy Tasty Tuck range, one box of each of our Perry Court Farm Crisps, and one case of Wild Water drinks.

Starter Pack cost: £111.20

What’s more, all our products are fully compliant with the new school food standards.

The Starter Pack costs just £111.20 and you will also receive two FREE colourful display stands for your Tasty Tuck snacks.

Your pupils can organise and run the tuck shop which is great for developing entrepreneurial skills, communication skills, and skills in financial literacy.

Our Tasty Tuck shop provides all that you and your pupils will need to organise and run the school tuck shop as an enterprise, including: nutritional information, posters, order forms, and letter templates for parents which are available to download from our website. 

Your pupils will learn about nutrition in food, the value of good communication and customer service, how to get pupils, parents and teachers to buy from the shop through marketing, and perhaps above all, your pupils will be able to put their financial literacy skills to the test.  

A healthy tuck shop may support a school’s status as a ‘Healthy School’

By creating an education programme around the school’s Tasty Tuck shop, which teaches pupils about the importance of eating healthy foods and participating in regular exercise, some schools have successfully gained the status of being a ‘Healthy School’.

This is something that prospective parents will regard highly when choosing a school for their child.

You can find more information about our Tasty Tuck shops by having a look at our Primary School Tuck Shop leaflet and by visiting our website –

Alternatively, please do call on 01206 391179 or email me at

How long does it take you to find out how much homework all your teachers have set?

If the answer is ‘too long’, is your current homework system working for you?

Digital technology in education has been found to further student progress by 4 months and secondary homework by 5 months.* So what happens when you combine these two high-impact supplements to learning?

Show My Homework is currently being used by 1 in 5 UK secondary schools to create personalised homework calendars that make homework easy to access and monitor. All your school’s tasks are available 24/7 in an online calendar and are accessible from your desktop or iOS and Android apps. Whole-school or selective reports can be ran and downloaded in a few clicks – all staff know what, when, and how much.

  • quick and easy to embed school-wide 
  • support and training included 
  • free iOS and Android app 
  • email and push notifications 
  • no password required for students and parents to check their homework

If you’d like to find out how SMHW can make an impact in your school by bringing homework into the 21st century, take a look here. Book and complete a demo and we’ll also give you a free Kindle Fire.

Kind regards,

Show My Homework

*Source –

What is the one single issue that determines whether or not the recording of lessons improves teaching and learning?

The theory behind the notion of making video recordings of lessons is that it should not only provide a record of what is happening in the school, but should also improve teaching and learning.

However, the process is not automatic, for some schools that have introduced the recording of lessons have found that little changes as a result of the introduction of this technology.

Which raises the question of “why?”  How can it be that some schools see a huge benefit from the introduction of recording, and others don’t?

The answer appears to be that the schools that benefit most from the recording lessons and other events are the schools that have a system in which the camera and microphone are effectively invisible.

In other words, the teacher is not reminded directly that a recording is taken place, and the pupils and students have no idea which lessons are being recorded.

Such a system involves no outside agency, no camera operator in the room, and no setting up of complex equipment.  It allows the teacher to record a number of lessons simply to get used to the fact that there microphones and cameras in the room – while knowing that he/she has no need to review the resultant lesson until all concerns about the process are removed.

Thus schools using wireless Lessonbox recording technology have the ability to record multiple lessons, knowing that the students will behave naturally, and the teacher will be able to deliver a typical lesson to review.

Once recording is complete you can save and review the footage in school or, using the Lessonbox Cloud video platform, share, add comments, and attach related documents.

You can even use the Cloud’s desktop recorder to record your own screen and add video and commentary to PowerPoint presentations.

What’s more, because the recording equipment is portable it can be used by any teacher in any room or building, and there’s nothing to stop it being used to record a number of lessons by different teachers each day.  In effect the recording of lessons quickly becomes the norm.  These lessons can then be kept for CPD, self-evaluation, and examples of excellent teaching and learning.

If you would like to know more, you can watch a teacher set up the equipment and prepare to record here, and see just how extraordinarily easy the whole process is.  If you would like to know about our Lessonbox Cloud options click here.

To discuss how Lessonbox can work in your school please call 0845 519 3660 or if you have any specific questions please do email

Andrew Jenkins

What is the simplest way to ensure that every locker has a key. No matter what

It is a sad, but inescapable fact of school life, that students occasionally lose the key to their locker.  Or “forget” to hand their key back at the end of term.

It’s annoying, but it happens.

Which means you will almost certainly need replacement keys for some of the lockers in the school, and you may even quite possibly need them on a fairly regular basis.

The solution to this problem is simple.  You simply call or email Keysplease, and tell us the code number for the lock in question, (normally stamped on the face of the lock) and we will supply you with keys for that locker.

We can even, if you wish, supply a new lock as well.

And the great benefit is that the locker keys can be supplied for as little as £1 each in some cases, which means that if you charge a deposit of £5.00 per locker, your costs of replacements and administration are covered.  Locks are available from just £5*.

Ordering is simple, by phone, email or direct online.  And there is a full list of the range of makes that we stock, on the web site.  But don’t worry – 99% of the locks in use in UK schools are covered by the manufacturers whose keys we stock.

*Please quote promotional code HH2 to gain these special rates.

Terms and conditions apply. Please call 0208 343 2943 for details, email us at or visit our website

An exclusive money-off offer for Drama/English Teachers from Hamilton House

On November 19th, Stage on Screen joined the Drama Online Consortium run by the Bloomsbury Group. Other members include Arden publishing, Methuen publishing, Faber & Faber, Nick Hern Books and The Globe.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a special offer for anyone who would like to buy special DVD box sets of our plays.

Save a MINIMUM of 20%

The four current Stage on Screen recordings are Dr Faustus, The Duchess of Malfi, Volpone and The School For Scandal. They all feature on many educational curriculums worldwide, while the first three are useful complements for anyone studying Shakespeare.

If your school, college or university would like to purchase the full box set of all four Stage on Screen recordings (RRP £120 plus VAT plus P&P), just e-mail Hamilton House claiming the special offer price of £100 plus VAT (if applicable) with FREE postage anywhere in the world.

That’s a saving of well over 20%, wherever in the world you are. (And our DVDs will play on any system.)

Strictly limited offer – 80 box sets only

We have just 80 reduced price box sets, so don’t wait – order today.

Simply email giving your name, school postal address, and a purchase order number. A box set, together with an invoice from Stage on Screen ltd will be dispatched to your school within five working days.



Phil Rees
Director, Stage on Screen

Great Library Ideas

Do you need practical and successful ideas to create a buzz and put your library right at the heart of learning in your school?

This copiable resource is full of high impact, low cost ideas. All come from school librarians themselves so they’re tried and tested.

It’s full of ways to promote wider reading and get students and staff talking about books.

The ideas range from one-off lessons to extended projects. Great ideas such as:
Best Borrowers
Desert Island Books
Non Fiction Detective
The Dewey Game
Mission Possible
Library Treasure Hunt Bingo
Murder in the Library
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Web Versus Books
Take a Book by its Cover
Speed Dating
Blind Date Reads
And many more!

For a lively and successful library ask for a copy on approval. The book includes a cd for ease of printing.
For a 10% discount quote code gli12

Office@Carel Press
(01228 538928)

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