Current KS3, KS4 and KS5 English Teaching Resources

What resources will you need for this new academic year? Inspiring lesson plans and new text notes for the new KS3 English curriculum? Student-friendly activities and detailed analysis for current and new GCSE or A Level set texts? Future-proof resources that stretch your gifted and talented pupils or support your weaker learners? Revision help? Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

Select from the current range of photocopiable resources, all written by talented and experienced English teachers and English experts. Visit the website for more details and to preview complete resources before you order:

KS3 resources for the current curriculum include, but are not limited to:

Author Studies and Non-fiction
Contemporary Drama, Prose Fiction and Poetry
Cover Lessons and Homework
Literacy, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
GCSE resources for the current specifications include, but are not limited to:

Unseen Poetry and Poetry Anthologies
Literary Heritage Drama and Prose Fiction
Different Cultures Drama and Prose Fiction
A Level resources for the current specifications include, but are not limited to:

Creative Writing
English Language and Literature
English Language
AQA A, AQA B, OCR, WJEC and Edexcel specific support
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All resources are available as a photocopy master with site licence also available as a printable PDF file (+30%+vat) and an editable Word file (+50%+vat).

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Missing keys and lock solutions


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The world premiere tour of BARMY BRITAIN is coming to a theatre near you soon – see venue details below. This brand new show with all new material uses actors and amazing new 3D special effects to tell the chronological story of Britain with stories from Roman, Viking, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian periods, with a special scene explaining the start of WW1. It is a unique two hour show and suitable for pupils at Key Stage Two to help you cover the National Curriculum.

Free teachers notes are available to download at

BARMY BRITAIN Can you beat battling Boudicca? What if a Viking moved in next door? Would you lose your heart or head to horrible Henry VIII? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Will Parliament survive gunpowder Guy? Should King Charles keep his head? Dare you stand and deliver to dastardly Dick Turpin? Move to grove with party Queen Victoria and prepare to do battle in the frightful First World War!

‘Entertaining and educational, with a lot of information, greatly increasing the children’s interest in history and enjoyed by the adults too! It left a strong impression and was much talked about after.’ Boothstown Methodist Primary

See photos and reviews at

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain will be at the following venues this autumn:

11 – 14 Sept Harlequin Theatre Redhill. box office 01737 276500 schools tickets £9.50 + 1 free teachers tkt for every 10 tkts booked

16 – 20 Sept Wyvern Theatre Swindon box office 01793 524481 school tickets £9 + 1 free teachers tkt for every 10 tkts booked

22 – 24 Sept Theatre Severn Shrewsbury box office 01743 281281 school tickets £9

2 – 5 Oct Plymouth Pavilions box office 0845 146 1460 school tickets £8

7 – 11 Oct Derby Theatre box office 01332 59 39 39 school tickets £9 + 1 free teachers tkt for every 10 tkts booked

Please quote ref HH1 when booking school tickets

What is the most effective way of ensuring that the parents of children at the Centre are always impressed?

In one sense it can be argued that the materials and activities used last year can be used again this year. After all, this year’s three year olds are not that much different from last year’s three year olds.

However, it can also be argued that there is a real benefit in occasionally introducing some new equipment and activities – not just because the children will enjoy it, but also because it will impress parents.

Parents, of course, get used to the Centre and the equipment it provides.

So if they see something new turning up at the Centre once every week or two, and if they hear excited tales about a new piece of equipment, then they are instantly impressed.

This doesn’t mean that one should be spending huge amounts of money on new equipment. In fact what is needed is the reverse of this – the regular drip, drip, drip of new items to give the feeling of constant growth and progress.

Indeed this is how an increasing number of nurseries use Edventure.

Our new online catalogue is now available to view and includes a wide range of products suitable for nurseries including Hula Hoops, Balance Beam Sets, Parachutes, Bean Bags and Big Build Blocks, to name a few.

If you wish to receive a catalogue through the post, please complete your details by clicking here and we’ll send one out to you.

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Edventure Ltd
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East Sussex
BN23 6QW

Tel: 01323 50 10 40


Edexcel AS & A2 Music Set Works 2015

These stunning resources for the 2015 set works are now available exclusively from Classroom Resources.

Each CD-ROM contains:

Tables listing stylistic features under the appropriate stylistic feature
Extracts from the score highlighting key terms and features
Vocabulary sheets
Exam questions
Mark schemes
Help sheets for composition and harmony
New this year – composer profiles highlighting key biographical information about each of the composers, putting each set work into a historical context.
All of this is provided at the follow prices:

Edexcel AS Music 2015 (containing all the set works) – £60 – Order code H11103

Edexcel A2 Music 2015 (containing all the set works) – £60 – Order code H11104

Edexcel AS & A2Music 2015 (containing all set works for both AS & A2) – £99 – Order code H11105

This is a fraction of the price of similar resources on the market such as the ZigZag guides. Each resource is supplied in both editable word and PDF formats and can be used freely throughout the purchasing establishment.

‘I have been using these A-level resources for 3 or 4 years now and I would highly recommend them to any other busy music teacher. Their major strengths are that they are versatile and succinct. Just what my students and I need!’

Mike Skipper, Director of Music Denstone College

To see sample pages please email quoting the order codes above.

You can order the Edexcel AS & A2 Music 2015

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Classroom Resources
PO Box 1489
BS99 3QJ
Tel: 0117 940 6409

Self-evaluation as Ofsted changes the framework (again)

What is the best way to write your self-evaluation report now Ofsted has changed its guidance documents?

Ofsted never likes to leave things alone, so it really wasn’t too much of a surprise when they overhauled their guidance documents at the end of last term – leading to the need for a lot more consideration, in your summer holidays, of what the implications are particularly for self-evaluation.

Fortunately however there is a very quick way through Ofsted’s new approach, for iAbacus offers a quick and easy approach to self-evaluation for the whole school, in each National Curriculum subject and for the upgrades in Headteacher and teacher standards.

What iAbacus does is not only provide all the self-evaluation documentation that Ofsted requires, it also links diagnosis with planning for improvement so that the school is able to develop in all focus areas.

iAbacus is, in essence, a unique self-evaluation system which is quick, which makes collaboration easy (without leading to long discussions), and which results in statements that can be presented to inspectors with a certainty that they are completely accurate.

Better still the system is designed to give instant access and instant use. You can go straight in, choose the criteria that you want to evaluate (anything from behaviour to science education and Governance), and then, either on your own or with colleagues, you decide where your school stands for that area of work.

So you might decide your school is “good” in one of the areas, iAbacus then tells you what that means in Ofsted terms. You can see if your “good” is correct or whether you overplayed your hand a bit or maybe done yourself down.

In no time you have a school improvement plan which takes account of where you are now and how you are going to move forward.

This type of self-evaluation can have a huge impact on your school – especially if several people get involved in the process. For it forces everyone to analyse what is going on and to justify their statements – and that is the most valuable step of all.

The iAbacus costs just £100 for a one year one-person licence. Our suggestion is that you try it out yourself and then show it to a couple of colleagues. If they like it too, just call us back for another licence. There are reduced prices for packages and over time on the website.

To see the whole range of iAbacus please visit, choose your subject area from over 20 options, and then see how it works.
For a free trial please visit
If you want to know more call us on 0115 929 3419 or email us at

The best solution for your SRE?

Teaching SRE can be at times challenging even for the most experienced PSHE practitioner, students in year 8 will have different issues than those faced in year 10, and those in year 12 different still.

With this mind the charity Health Behaviour Group have developed Apause , a straightforward and engaging way for schools to implement an effective SRE curriculum.

The programme is enjoyable, welcomed by pupils, teachers, school managers, governors and parents.

It offers a wide range of materials to enable straightforward training and delivery by tutors or specialist teachers, safe in the classroom from hijacking by ‘testing’ pupils.

Priced at just £100 the ‘School Set’ bundle (co-ordinator file and laminated resources) provides materials for one class. Additional class packs can be supplied at just £60 each.

Endorsed by the PSHE Association, the DfE Teenage Pregnancy Unit and the Sex Education Forum.

Evaluated positively by the National Foundation for Educational Research, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, Public Health in Ireland and a US based International Review of programmes that work.

This resource Increases satisfaction with SRE, knowledge, healthy attitudes and beliefs and has the added benefit of decreasing early and unprotected intercourse.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? NO! All True and evidence based, please see for details of the full content of the pack and resources.

Ordering is simple – order on-line or email or call 01392 829450.

Furthermore, If you quote code HH1 on your order we will give you a 5% discount.

Health Behaviour Group, 2b Manaton Court, Manaton Close, Exeter, EX2 8PF.

Cross Curricular Art

Cross curricular teaching creates an exciting learning environment in which to engage pupils. The Art Department is ideally placed for this as art is a diverse subject, allowing teachers easily to make connections across subjects and to be as creative as they wish in their delivery.

This KS3 book contains over 40 project sheets and links art to seven different subject areas. Within the Art, RE and Citizenship section, for example, there are projects which encourage pupils to consider what makes a good citizen, faiths and communities, the architecture of Gaudi and other design ideas. Project sheets can be printed out onto A3 paper for pupils to use as required.

By using skill and knowledge acquired in other subjects and building upon them within the art environment pupils have enormous scope to express themselves through the use of a variety of materials.

Cross Curricular Art is available as a black and white copiable book with an accompanying CD. Project sheets can be printed out onto A3 paper for pupils to use as required.

ISBN: 978 1 86083 799 9
Price: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery.

You can order in four different ways. In each case please quote our reference T1765emn. Sample pages and a contents list can be viewed prior to ordering on

By post to First and Best, Hamilton House Mailings plc, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, Northants NN17 4HH

By fax on 01536 399 012

By phone with a credit card or with an official school order number on 01536 399 011

On line with a credit card at

Multimedia Workpacks for Design and Technology

The Design & Technology Multimedia Workpacks provide the equivalent of a factory tour and explore different aspects of production from a real world perspective. Each Workpack includes worksheets and a series of short film clips that can be shown to the whole class via a DVD player or viewed by individual pupils across a network. They provide an insight into the issues faced by designers and technologists in real companies.

Worksheets expand on the topics and issues. These are available as printed sheets for duplicating and also in an electronic version that can be adapted to fit within existing schemes of work. The materials can be used in the classroom but are also appropriate for homework, cover lessons, revision, and to help students who have missed lessons.


Issue 1: Job Production – “Tailor Made”

This workpack looks at handmade products, where the designer and maker are the same person. Two different businesses, a jewellery maker and a wedding dress designer are profiled to illustrate the process of commissioning by a client, the choice of materials and production method, to the completed product.

Worksheets on: An introduction to job production, Researching your ideas, Design for function, Selecting materials – textiles, Job production – jewellery, Prototyping, Joining materials

Issue 2: Mass Production – “It’s a Plastic World”

Paperfeel designs and manufactures co-extruded polyethylene film to meet the technical, functional, economic and aesthetic requirements of its customers. These films will typically be used within the packaging industry in the form of sacks, bags, and food wrappings.

Worksheets on: Mass production, Manufacture of polyethylene film, Ensuring quality production, Types and usage of plastics, Materials testing, Selecting materials in packaging

Great value at £42.50 each (plus VAT). P&P is included in the price. If you wish to put the resources on a school-wide network, you will need a site licence for each product priced at £30.50 (plus VAT).

To download brochure, click here

Visit for further information or email

Holdsworth Associates, Century House, Market Street, Swavesey, CB24 4QG 01954 202789

I’d like an argument please

How can we help A level students understand the concept of the meaningful argument?

A man walks into an office and says, “I’d like to have an argument, please.”

If you are familiar with Monty Python you’ll know that the man is Michael Palin and he spends the new few minutes debating with John Cleese the difference between a true argument and “mere” contradiction.

Of course, the sketch never approaches the debate about the difference between these two concepts – and indeed why should it? It is just a comedy sketch, although a sketch so popular that, although first broadcast in 1972, it was performed by the original actors to much acclaim in their farewell performance 42 years later.

But while the difference between argument and contradiction was never resolved by Messers Palin and Cleese, it is a vital one for A Level students to grasp.

And grasping the difference is still only the start.

For even when the student starts to get to grips with the difference between such concepts as “claims” and “arguments”, there still remain such puzzling issues as explanations, assumptions, counter-claims, evidence, examples, deduction, induction, generalisation…

However the fact is that where students do understand the nature of debate and proof they tend not only to get better A level grades but they also become better prepared for university and/or employment.

In short, for many students it is a grasp of critical thinking which takes them from a B to an A, which delivers a far more impressive UCAS application, and which enables them to be much more persuasive in interviews and presentations.

It is for these reasons that the volume “Critical Thinking” has been written.

But “Critical Thinking” is about far more than just dismantling and evaluating other people’s arguments. For it is also involved in the production of the student’s own explanations and arguments.

Through examples and activities the volume encourages students to develop their considered point of view in essays, reports, debates, etc, and helps them be prepared to stand back and assess their own reasoning.

Critical Thinking is available as a printed copiable volume or as a CD which can be put on the school’s learning platform for use by students and staff.

You can see some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference:T1821EMN; ISBN: 978 1 86083 861 3


Photocopiable report in a book: £29.95
CD with school-wide rights: £24.95
Both the book and the CD: £36.94
Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1821EMN

By post to First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Way, Corby, NN17 4HH
By fax to 01536 399 012
On line with a credit card at

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