Religious experience – from quasi-sensory phenomena to Sigmund Freud

What is the difference between a quasi-sensory phenomenon and a charismatic experience or a mystical experience?

It’s a fairly fundamental question and one that students of religious studies need to understand before they get too far into the religious experience component of Religious studies AS and A2 levels.

That, of course, is only the start, for there is also the question of Channels, Sources and Occasions of Religious Experience. There’s also the need to know about such thinkers as Rudolph Otto, William James, Sir Alistair Hardy, Richard Swinburne, as well as those hostile to religion such as Ludwig Feuerbach and Sigmund Freud.

The copiable book, Religious Experience, (also available on a CD so that it can be put on the school’s learning platform) deals with all these points and many more in a way that gives the student a basic understanding and then allows, and indeed, encourages, debate beyond this point.

In short, it covers the spectrum of issues involved in Religious Experience and the theories advanced to explain them. It provides an introduction to and discussion points on these main types of religious experience and will enable students to obtain an overall grasp of the subject matter. It looks at the different kinds of religious experience and the different channels or occasions for religious experience and also discusses religious experience in the context of the major religions.

After taking in The Ongoing Significance of Religious Experience the book moves on to Problems of Religious Experience, including Empiricism, Kant, and The Logical Positivists.

The volume concludes with Discussions of Religious Experience, which ranges from private and public experiences to perception and moral attitudes.

Throughout the book are exercises/activities for the students to complete. These can form the basis for written homework or for group discussion in the classroom.

Religious Experience is available as a copiable spiral bound book or on CD Rom. The book comes with an unlimited photocopiable licence for the school, and costs £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery for either the book or CD. If you wish to buy both together the price is £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery.

You can order in four different ways. In each case please quote our reference T1672emn. Sample pages can be viewed prior to ordering on

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Make a decision your colleagues will thank you for

Get a “thank you”, or your money back

I imagine you have plenty of reasons not to change the way staff in your school compile end-of-year reports right now. But supposing you could free up hours of your colleagues’ time, without in any way decreasing the amount of personal attention that goes into those reports.

That’s what ReportBox does. And with the period for report-writing approaching fast, now is the ideal time to find out if ReportBox is right for you.

There are plenty of tough decisions to take in any school on any day. But our feedback, from literally hundreds of schools, tells us that switching to ReportBox is one you’ll get thanked for. And if you’re not happy with it, we’ll give you your money back.

Rachel, the teacher who created Reportbox, explains how it works in this short video

If you’d like to discuss the specific needs of your school, just call me on 020 8398 6800. Or email ReportBox is a very personal company and we are more than happy to talk to and support teachers all day.

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I appreciate your time is precious, so thanks for reading.

Martha Gordon
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BETT Awards 2013 Finalist – ICT Leadership and Management Solutions
ERA Awards 2013 Finalist – Supplier of the Year

EDpaX Phonics 2 – Digraphs

So much teaching … so little time … here are some use and edit lessons for you!

26 topics for the classroom – ready to use with no preparation needed!

EDpaX Phonics 2 – Digraphs and blends has a wide variety of teaching pages with associated pupil activities and games. Each topic of approximately 27 pages introduces and teaches the pupils to identify, read and use the sounds in a variety of ways with lots of opportunities for reinforcement. Assessment is included. This comprehensive, bright and colourful resource is designed for use on the interactive whiteboard. All topics are editable.

EDpaX Phonics 2 is an easy to use, comprehensive and flexible resource for the busy teacher. The children love it!

The product supports any scheme already in place or can be used as a stand-alone resource.

Phonics 2 – Digraphs

a-e ie or ue
ai i-e ou u-e
ay magic e (mixed) ow (blow) wh
ch oa ow (cow) y (ee)
ea o-e oy y (I)
ee oi sh  
er oo th  

Want to try before you buy? Please download a full FREE teaching topic from Free Resources at

£149 (excl. VAT and p&p) One-off purchase and full site licence. Please quote EDPHH on all orders.

EDpaX Phonics 2 is written in ActivInspire for the Promethean ActivBoard and in Notebook for the SMART Board.

Contact us: 0845 475 2289

What are numbers exactly?

What is the fastest way to help children achieve a greater understanding of numbers and mathematical operations?

Children who handle numbers regularly have a greater understanding of their meaning and are aware that by manipulating numbers using mathematical operations they can be used to serve a variety of purposes in everyday life.

Ideal activities and lesson ideas for numeracy teachers are those that only require cheap, readily available resources to deliver effectively and have an immediate appeal to children whilst getting them to work enthusiastically with numbers and mathematical operations.

And so it is for this reason that Brilliant Publications have developed ‘Deck Ahoy!’

‘Deck Ahoy!’ is a resource containing over 100 games and activities that use just a deck of playing cards.

Playing with cards instantly draws children in to the game and keeps them engaged and on task whilst they develop vital skills.

The activities are suitable for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils and are designed to support the teaching of number and the mathematical operations that appear in the mathematical programmes of study.

The games and activities therefore do not only explore the main operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – but also fractions, statistics, time, ratios, squares and cubes, and graphs.

What’s more, as the only equipment needed is a deck of playing cards, the ‘Deck Ahoy!’ games and activities have proven to work well as homework tasks, particularly when you are stretched for PPA time as there are no worksheets needed or marking to do.

Further information and free sample activities can be found on the website.

You can order Deck Ahoy! in any of these ways:

Brilliant Publications,
Mendlesham Industrial Estate,
Norwich Road,

phone: 01449 766629
fax: 01449 767122

What is the most effective way of introducing early literacy skills in reception classes?

As a reception teacher you know that the children in your class learn when they are actively engaged in a play situation whilst interacting with other children or an adult

Clever Clogs use games and interaction with an adult and other children to provide the scaffold which allows each child to move forward and develop new competencies in early literacy

We have developed 2 boxes of games based on this principle, one for use in the classroom and one to engage parents at home.

The games also provide purposeful situations for dialogue and for the development of speaking, listening and thinking skills .

This box is for the classroom, there are 10 games for an adult to play with 3-4 children

scroll down on the link below for more information

This box contains 15 games for children to take home or for parents workshops you would like to place an order please click on the link you would like to try a sample of our games look through the games listed at the bottom of this page and we will send it to you for a special price of £10.
Usual RRP £18.50 + P&P.

Making Maths Magical

What is the one classroom activity that will enhance your pupils’ confidence in, and enjoyment of maths more than any other?

There are only a limited number of activities around that are designed specifically to increase children’s enjoyment of maths. And yet the more children do see maths as an enjoyable subject the more confidence they will have in the subject – and the more rapidly their studies will progress.

Which is why we created Magical Maths.

Magical Maths is a school based workshop aimed at either KS1 or KS2 students. It is taught on a class-by-class basis with up to five classes being taught during the course of the day, with each class session lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

The sessions are based around the notion of magic, and indeed the practitioner who leads the sessions is a member of the Magic Circle. Children practice and perform the magic tricks that is taught during the workshop – magic which is all based on National Curriculum maths.

As a result the children gain new mathematical insights and revel in their new-found positive relationship with mathematics.

To enquire about a possible booking please call me on 07870 215675 or email with the words MAGIC MATHS in the subject line.

Furniture that saves more space than it consumes

A simple, yet often overlooked, way to free up some classroom space

The only additional furniture and equipment welcome in an average primary school classroom is that which is absolutely necessary for learning or which aims to save more space than it consumes.

For the problem is that the average primary school classroom is full to its physical capacity because each additional pupil requires an additional chair, an additional coat peg, an additional drawer, additional desk space… and so on.

To help solve this problem, S & S Services supply a range of classroom storage solutions, from shallow, deep and jumbo mobile tray storage to mobile book units and bay kinder-box storage.

The storage solutions are great for storing away much of the space-consuming, yet necessary, classroom bric-a-brac when it isn’t in use.

You can find more information and see our classroom storage solutions range on our website at

You can order in any of the following ways:

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We offer free delivery on orders over £35 and charge only £2.99 delivery for orders which come to less than this across the majority of the UK.

For those requesting delivery from Northern Ireland, the Isles of Scilly, the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man, delivery is £7 and for those lucky enough to be living in the Channel Islands the delivery charge is £12.45 irrespective of the size of the order.

What is the most effective way of ensuring that everyone has work to do, even when in isolation or excluded?

Nearly every secondary school I have visited or worked in has an isolation room or isolation area.

In one sense there is nothing wrong with this for Section 42 of the government’s “Behaviour and Discipline in Schools Advice” allows the use of seclusion or isolation rooms. But it also insists that the time spent there must be used as constructively as possible.

Which is why the series of Detention and Exclusion Management System worksheets for Key Stage 3 were developed.

The worksheets within the volume cover a wide range of topics and range of ability – and are all designed so that they can be used as a one-off in an emergency, or as a series of highly varied tasks over a number of days.

Book 1 of the series, Exclusion Worksheets for Less Able Students, contain worksheets which cover subjects as English, Geography, History, Science, Religion, Mathematics, Technology and Food.

Activities range from changing the tense of an extract from the third person to the first person in English, to completing a wordsearch on light, electricity and sound in Science.

And Book 2 of the series, Exclusion Worksheets for More Able Students, contain worksheets covering subjects as History, Science, Religious Education, Mathematics, French, Spanish, English, and Geography.

Activities in this volume range from drawing and labelling a diagram of the breathing system in Science, to a History task, requiring pupils to answer comprehension questions on how black people were treated in America 90 years ago.

Each lesson in the volumes is printed on a single page and is simple to photocopy instantly for any pupils that require work.

The Exclusion Worksheets collection is available from Hamilton House priced at £50 each plus £2.95 delivery.

If you buy both book 1 and book 2 of the series, you will receive Book3: Detention Worksheets for free, which is usually priced at £30. The Detention Worksheets include activities such as filling in the gaps, to spelling practice through repetition.

You can order by

  • Email from the school’s email address to
  • Fax to 01536 399 012
  • By phone (with a school order number) to 01536 399 011

By post to First & Best in Education, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, NN17 4HH

Take the Web Review Challenge.

Have you ever considered having your school’s website reviewed to check it contains statutory content, good practice, spelling and grammar (SPAG). If so, then take the Web Review Challenge.

Here, you instruct us to review your website and if we find all the statutory content is in place we charge only 50% of the initial review cost. This would mean 50% of £195 for infant, primary and junior schools and 50% of £235 for secondary schools and colleges. You will only have paid for the SPAG and good practice check.

We believe school websites should be beyond reproach themselves and exemplify all that is good about the school as well as being informative but what sets us apart is that:

- Our reviews are completed by those in the educational field, some of whom are inspectors
themselves and not website designers!

- We have no affiliations with other website design companies so will NOT sell other services.

- Unlike other service providers, we do not grade each aspect of the website leaving you to
wonder what exactly needs to be amended or added to the website. We state specifically
what needs to be done with the exact URL identified so the administrator can make the
changes there and then.

- We review not only the statutory content but good practice and the sometimes overlooked,
SPAG. We generally say the statutory content is for inspectors, good practice for the
school and the spelling and grammar for all but particularly parents, who are never afraid
to point out a spelling mistake!

- We do not charge a premium for those requiring a quicker turnaround; as current
practitioners ourselves, we understand that there are times when an impending ‘visit’
means you needed the review yesterday!

- We are the only ones to offer a 50% reduction should we find all the statutory content in
place on your website.

Our mission is to get school websites doing their schools justice!

We have already reviewed content for over a thousand schools. Click on ‘testimonials’ to see what some schools have said about us.

Click on ‘example report’ to give you an idea of what the report will look like.

Click on ‘web report’ to find out further information for governors’ duties on ensuring key content is published.

If you’d like to have your website reviewed then reply with the words ‘Web Rev HH’ in the subject box and confirm your school’s website address. If you would not like the website reviewed at this moment please do save the email for future reference.

Our best wishes
Jazz from the Raise Education team

Contact details
Tel: 0843 362 4834

How can you best support your aspiring medical students in making their decision over which higher education path to pursue?

The most important decision that aspiring medical students have to make when considering their higher education options is which medical course is right for them.

Because, no matter how little or how much money and time each option demands, if the course is not what they were hoping for then it is time and money that cannot be returned.

It is for this reason that Gap Medics offers students the opportunity to experience what the world of medicine is really like before they start applying for the many years of study required to qualify as a doctor or healthcare professional.

And when we say the world of medicine, that is exactly what we mean as we provide aspiring medical students with the opportunity to shadow experienced doctors, dentists, midwives and nurses in Tanzania, Croatia, Poland, and Thailand.

In terms of the practicalities, students are met at the airport by one of our specialist staff team members and are looked after by an extensive staff team throughout their stay.

If you have any potential medical students who want to be sure they are making the right decision about their future career or indeed who wish to make an impressive addition to their medical school applications, there are several ways of providing them with the relevant information.

First, you can, of course, pass on this email.

Alternatively, you might direct the student to our website at to find out more information about our placements.

Finally, you can call us on 1800 351 691 or email us at and we’ll send a brochure in the post.


Mark Hinksman
Programme Director

Daily information for teachers in the UK